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Use virtual cards and take control of your payments. You can now decide who can charge your card, how much and how often.
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Ultimate Free Trial Card - Virtual cards to help you obtain free trials | Product Hunt

Introducing Subscription Cells

Cells give you complete control on funds the subscription service can access. If you’ve insufficient funds, the subscription doesn’t renew. It’s that simple.

Sign up for unlimited free trials

By default your subscription cell will have zero balance. So now you can enjoy multiple free trials at once without worrying about any charges

Virtual accounts are simple and secure

With a virtual account you can generate multiple virtual cards. Use these virtual cards for all online payments and never again expose your REAL bank account details, keeping it secure and private. We take care of your money like nobody else.

Virtual cards to manage all your subscriptions, In-app and online payments

One time cards

Afraid of giving your card details on a website/app ? Use one time cards that close themselves and never look back again.
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No more, Wait-did-I-pay-for-that-again-?

Timely Reminders

Our reminders make sure you never miss out on vital payments and also don’t lose any money on trivial ones.

Close cards,

Single Virtual Card, Multiple Subscriptions

Generate virtual cards for your kids and have complete control over their spendings

Your Card, Your Money. Sign up to take control now.