12 Best Ways to Save Money in College

As a student, you have a lot on your plate - finishing your assignments, finding good places for food and accommodation, attending lectures, etc. And on top of that, you must stay under a budget your parents decided for you. For the first time in your life, after coming to college, you can independently spend, travel, and do things you’ve always wanted to do. But here’s the catch. You might overspend, make impulse purchases, eat unhealthy food, develop bad habits, and so on - when, in fact, that’s the perfect time for you to learn how to manage and save your money. You are aware you can’t overspend your parents’ money like that. So, do not fret, young padawans! We are here to help you 🤗

(As for those who have already finished college, happy nostalgia!) 

31 Ways to Save Money in College - TheStreet

Here’s a list of 12 reliable ways for you to save money in college:

  1. Student discounts

It is one of the best deals out there. Just bring your Student ID card with you and show it at restaurants, salons, and malls; wherever it is accepted. You will get a nice discount and save a lot of money. You can also use it for a range of services and apps like Spotify Premium, Amazon Prime Student, YouTube Premium, etc. at a very reasonable price!


  1. Pay your dues on time

You must pay your dues in time to avoid piling up your expenses. 

E.g. rents, tuition fees, library fees, returning books on time, and so on.

  1. Use a library  

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Using a library is so underrated! Like, it is resourceful in many ways - you’ll get free books to read and borrow, plus it will have free wifi so you can also work on your pc. What’s more? You will not find any other place more peaceful than a library!

  1. Eat food from canteens/mess 

It is one of the best ways to save money on food. While some of you may find it inconvenient but it is recommendable to have your breakfasts/meals from there. The cost of the dishes is less than half the price; plus they serve freshly cooked food!

  1. Say “No” to shopping 

Yes, you read it right. Put your “wishlist” aside for a few months until you get habituated to sticking to the given budget. 

Local markets and online shopping apps are reliable options to shop at lower prices.

  1. Cook for yourself

If you haven’t learnt to cook yet, you better start it asap! Can this be any cheaper way to save money? All you have to do is buy groceries and masalas - that’s it! Be your own chef ‘cause you will be getting yourself a free hand-cooked meal!

  1. Buy second-hand stuff

An iPhone sounds fancy, alright. But is it worth spending on all your budget? Think about it (no offence, iPhone users :p). Wouldn’t you buy a second-hand phone at a much lower cost and still enjoy all the features? Buying second-hand stuff can also save a lot of money.

  1. Use amenities provided by colleges 


Gyms, swimming pools, sports clubs, etc., have low-cost membership charges that will maintain your budget regardless. You can get to use a swimming pool for under ₹700 p.m. in a college compared to the expensive private clubs.

  1. Enrol on College Clubs 

If you’re into drama, poetry, music, cultural fests, tech fests, debates, etc., where you can represent your college, it’s gonna be super exciting for you!  It’s not only gonna be free of cost but also beneficial for building up your student profile. You could connect with a lot of people, expand your network and save money+have fun!


  1. Commutation

Use student passes for public transportation. With the help of your Student ID, look for student tours and travels. It’s one of the cheapest ways of transportation exclusively for students.

  1. Accommodation 

Prefer staying in college hostels or living in a pg/flat, whichever is cheaper. Avoid single rooms as they are pricey. Having more roomies with you is super fun+affordable! 

Stay in public hostels when you go travelling rather than staying at a hotel.

  1. Go Green!

Imagine riding a rental bicycle in and around your college at just ₹5/hr! If you already own one, even better! You can also go on foot. It not only saves money but is also eco-friendly! 

Follow these habits. You are guaranteed to go a long way!

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