25 Tips to Save Money Daily!

There are times when you wonder if only you hadn’t bought that extra item because it’s of no use to you at all. Saving money is essential. Make it a habit to save money in your day-to-day life – you will go a long way! 

(P.S. there’s a bonus tip at the end of the blog, especially for you!)

Here are 25 valuable tips to get you started:

Get Tips on How to Save Money in Your Daily Life.

At a grocery store:

  1. Carry a small bag when you go grocery shopping. You will only be able to buy enough to stuff it in.
  2. Avoid buying items displayed at the billing counter. It will prevent you from impulse purchases.
  3. Items placed on the bottom shelf at a department store are usually cheaper than those shown at our eye level.
  4. Make a list of things you wanna buy to avoid buying items that are not much important.

While commuting:

  1. Try booking shared cabs (Uberpool, Olashare, etc.). 
  2. Book rides at the first shot. Don’t check for prices again and again. The fetch request adds to the demand for rides in the location.
  3. Try to avoid travelling during peak hours if you can pre-pone or post-pone your travel.
  4. Fares are calculated based on time and distance travelled. So, next time when the cab driver has to take a roundabout turn to reach you, consider crossing the road to start the ride early and save money. 
  5. Take a walk if the place you wanna go is not far.

Sale & Discounts!!

  1.  Don’t get distracted by flash sales. Go for it only if the items you need are on sale. 
  2. Try opening shopping sites in incognito mode. (Being a spy is rewarding, sometimes)
  3. Be calculative and thorough when using a credit card.
  4. Always check for a ‘Return Or Refund Policy’.
  5. Don’t assume that the online sites are always cheaper. Go search your local markets too. 

At Home:

  1. Make a weekly schedule of dishes you like to cook.
  2. Cooking will save you so much money than buying a cup of coffee/meal every day.
  3.  Save electricity.
  4.  Avoid ordering food from outside. Instead, make a meal for your own. Home-cooked meals are healthy and save a lot of money.

General tips:

  1. Treat your credit cards like debit cards.
  2. Don’t spend on anything more than you can afford to unlock rewards and offers.
  3. Pay off your bills every month.      
  4. Plan a monthly budget and make sure you stick to it.
  5. Stay updated with the latest financial news.
  6. Eat at those restaurants which have discounts.
  7.  Buy generic medicines as they are cheaper than other pharmaceutical companies.


  • Practising this will help you save money regularly and stick to your budget. 
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