Sep 20, 2021
Virtual Cards

All you need to know about Virtual cards

What is a virtual card and how is it beneficial for you?

Residing in a century of a pandemic where everything is online, we need to adopt new ways to think. You may also call it the 'new normal.' So let us understand this new sensation that has taken over the world of online payments i.e.Virtual cards.

What is a virtual card?

A virtual card is exactly like your debit or credit card but has no physical presence. It's issued by a bank and contains the card number, expiry date, and CVV.

What is the difference between virtual cards and physical cards?

There is no difference apart from the physical presence. You can buy stuff online, pay bills online, and carry out several online transactions through your virtual debit card. 

How are they more secure than physical cards?

Physical cards tend to get lost quite often, this problem is non-existent with virtual cards. Hackers have also been coming up with new technologies to electronically pull card information whenever they are near you to create a clone copy. Such kinds of risks are completely averted when using virtual cards.

Benefits of using a virtual card

Added Security

Perhaps the most prominent virtual debit card benefit is the enhanced level of security you get. Virtual payment cards are ideal for making safe, secure online payments. As these cards aren't physical things, this makes them almost impossible to be cloned. They can likewise be produced as single-use cards, so they expire soon after they're used, and there's no issue with future deceitful payments from your card.

However, while the online nature of these payments has heightened their soundness, it's crucial to treat virtual card payments with the same level of precision as a physical card payment.


Easy to create and use

Typically, virtual cards were exclusively available to large enterprises, but with the current progress in fintech, these commodities are now open to regular consumers as well. Companies like ours allow users to generate virtual cards within seconds. All you need to do is set up an account (which you can do entirely online) and you can start using them right away.


Spending controls

Virtual cards let you establish spending limits and decide which retailers you can pay for while handling them. These controls assure that the card owners spend the money wisely, and preserve your account against hackers. Many virtual cards also allow cardholders to pick a date they'd like to block their card or schedule it to shut automatically after one payment.


How are Zerobalance cards different?

Zerobalance virtual cards create a new layer of insulation from the world of online fraud. It instantly generates virtual cards from the app or the website with added specific controls and visibility on payments, designed just for you! The cards can be one-time or multi-use cards where one-time virtual cards close instantly, but regular virtual cards have no expiry. It helps you to manage real-time subscriptions and keep a check on your expenses without any worry of trickeries.

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