Jun 9, 2022

How to Budget Using Zerobalance?

“...and this 100 rupee goes to my piggy bank!” 

When was the last time you found yourself using a piggy bank? Maybe when you were  10 or 12? Piggy banks were something so precious to us. We treated them as if they were our real bank accounts to save money. Be it some pocket money or those Diwali “blessings” by your family - a piggybank was a go-to comfort place to save money. 

As you grow up, you get into the real world. And today, in this digital world, you need some reliable tools that help you save money and provide you with a secure way to budget money. Budgeting is a primary and reliant plan that leads you to a brighter future. It is a pathway to becoming rich and financially successful.

But I Don’t Know How to Manage My Budget!

Are you someone who faces trouble managing your money? Does it get difficult for you to track all your expenses? The majority of people in India face such issues which remain unaddressed. They don’t know how and where to spend and mostly face financial crises. Even with a proper budget plan, they are prone to overspending and making impulse purchases. There are different ways which help you manage your budget, like, using excel sheets and some expense management apps, which help you analyse and observe your budget over time. But the key to helping you save, track and stop you from overspending money, remains unfound. 

What now? Is there a tool to solve your money problems and assist you 24/7? Of course, there is! That’s where Zerobalance comes to your rescue!

What is Zerobalance?

Zerobalance is your friendly neighbourhood budgeting tool there to save your day! It will help you create a budget, track your expenses and save money all at the same time! It is a user-friendly budgeting app that has a solution to all your problems.

Why is Zerobalance A Solution to All Your Problems?

What makes this app unique is that it not only helps you track your money but help you control it. You can set limits on the categories you spend on and be carefree about your spending habits. Suppose you set a limit of ₹10k for the Shopping category, we will nudge you when you approach the limit and even cancel transactions when you cross it. 

Don’t worry, you can change the limits if you want to!

Zerobalance is not just any other money-tracking app. It’s something way more!  While the other apps provide post-spending analysis of your money, we provide you with pre-spending controls.  You must be wondering how it will work. For instance, you have your food limit set at ₹2k.  You decide to order food from Zomato on Day 1 worth ₹1500. You now have ₹500 as the available balance for the Food category. Now the next day if you plan to spend ₹600, we will reject your transactions instantly. That’s how we help you stay within your budget.

Amazing, isn’t it?

This app will prevent you from overspending and impulse buying. It will help you save loads of money and keep you organized with your budget.

How to Budget Using Zerobalance:

Well, it’s simple. Follow these easy-peasy steps:

  1. Select a category or as many as you like
  2. Add your favourite apps
  3. Set limits

Voilà! You’re good to go! 

A New You!

A shout-out to the people to come this far to seek a perfect way to start or improve budgeting. As beginners, we all mess up. And when it comes to money, we always wanna look before we leap, right? That’s why Zerobalance is here to help you: 

A guide in your journey to the financial world modified out of your comfort and preferences. 

Shoo away your worries and download Zerobalance now!

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Experience controls like never before and take charge of your finances.

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