Oct 4, 2021
Free Trials

How to not lose money on Free Trials

This is why you are losing money on free trials! 

There are so many free trials available these days that it is virtually pointless to pay for anything. After all, if you add up all the free trial periods for movie streaming services, you could be watching movies for months without spending a dime. 

Of course, while free trials offer a lot, they also come with a catch: if you fail to cancel, you could be charged a full price for the membership (sometimes you are charged a yearly amount). 

With a vast increase in audience and more streaming options than ever before, the last few years have been huge for digital streaming services. With so many competing services, many streamers offering extended free-trial subscriptions to give potential users a taste of what's available. 

Are you interested in learning more about YouTube TV but aren't ready to sign up? Do you want to listen to your favorite playlists on loop without paying the subscription fee on Spotify? You may get a sneak peek with a free trial. Free trials, on the other hand, aren't really designed to be free. Their purpose is to expose you to a product or service and then hook you so that you opt to keep it (and pay for it) after the trial period has ended. 

Either that or the corporation is hoping you will forget to cancel so it can begin charging you automatically. Have you ever wondered why you have to enter your credit/debit card information to join up for a free service? That is the reason. 

It's critical to understand how to stop free trials if you don't want to become an unintended paying customer. 

Canceling a membership shortly after signing up is one approach to avoid going past the free trial time. You won't have to remember to do it at the end of the week, month, or when the trial period ends. 

Some people prefer to set a reminder, alarm, an email to themselves, etc. While these methods work for few people, they are still not foolproof strategies.

Oh, and have you ever tried reaching out to the company you did the free trial with, and explaining to them that you forgot to cancel and you would get a refund for any amount charged? If so, you must know how troublesome that is and most of the time you don’t even get those refunds. 

We at ZeroBalance are solving this problem from all sides. We provide a dedicated free trial virtual card. This free trial virtual card functions exactly like a prepaid debit card, but as the name suggests, the card has Zero Balance in it. After the trial time finishes, the transaction on the card doesn’t go through simply because it has zero balance. The virtual card is not linked to any of your bank accounts, keeping you safe and secure. 

So how do we offer you this one-of-a-kind service? ZeroBalance has partnered with Decentro, Yes Bank, and Rupay to offer this one-of-a-kind service to all free trial enthusiasts, so you don’t have to ever worry about getting charged after a free trial ends and you won’t even have to worry about canceling it manually either. 

TL;DR - Most companies will not provide you with a notice that your trial period is coming to an end. Before ZeroBalance Virtual Cards, you would mark your calendar, set an alarm on your phone, or do whatever you needed to remember to cancel, but now this appears to be a thing of the past.

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