Sep 7, 2021

Introduction to Zerobalance

What is Zerobalance?

Another fintech? Yes

Another payment app? Yes.

Another personal finance app? Yes.

Is there any cashback? Maybe.

With hundreds of such apps at your disposal, why would you choose Zerobalance? especially change your habit from your favorite ones?

Let us give you four reasons - 1. Security 2. Controls 3. Visibility 4. Personal Finance Management

How often do you think about your card’s (debit/credit) security given that you recklessly use it in hundreds of places both offline and online? 

While you consume multiple subscriptions daily, do you really have control over the payments or does the service provider?

Have you ever been able to successfully understand your Paytm/Google pay transaction history? As the number of payment apps you use increases, your bank statement is going to look like something you can’t make sense out of.

Do you really budget your month in advance? Or do you live it one day at a time?

While your payment habits have changed, none of the payment apps cater to these important pointers which affect your finance on a daily basis.

At Zerobalance, we plan to focus on these and make your online payments more secure, give you better controls and a whole plethora of personal finance options, all in one place!

How do we exactly do this? It's simple, we do so by bringing the power of virtual cards to you.

If you’re not aware of what exactly virtual cards are? You can read more about it on our other blog here. In a nutshell, it’s like a prepaid debit card presented to you within the Zerobalance app that can be used for all types of online payments.

But let’s quickly understand how does this help you? 

  1. Protect your real bank account details online: Zerobalance virtual cards are prepaid in nature, this means that the card has only the funds you’ve topped it up with. This card in no way is linked to your real bank account. Whenever you use this for online payments and services, you never risk exposing your real bank account details and can completely avoid any risk of these details being leaked online to hackers during any of the data breaches that occur.
  2. Instantly close virtual cards: In case you come across data breaches in which any of your virtual cards could’ve been exposed to a hacker, you can instantly close the virtual card and generate a new one.
  3. Subscription Management: Zerobalance provides you with a subscription management stack that allows you to manage all your subscriptions in one place. You can now start/stop/pause the subscription right from the app. You can even split the subscription amount with your friends.
  4. One-time cards: With added controls on all levels, one-time cards are a perfect way to transact on websites/apps that you don’t fully trust. These cards close themselves after the transaction, keeping you safe from all data breaches.
  5. Budgeting right from the start: You can use multiple virtual cards each one for a different use case. You could use one card for your OTT subscriptions, one for your kid’s online expenses, one for your Groceries, or use them however and be right on top of your expenses.
  6. The Free Trial card: How many times have you gone to a website, filled out their sign-up form for a free trial, and only return empty-handed because they ask for your card details before providing you with a free trial. Subscription services have relied on you to forget to cancel your free trials. Often called revenue from "breakage". These days are long gone now with a dedicated free trial card from Zerobalance.

This is just the beginning of what we envision achieving in the coming months. We have gotten even more exciting features for you to make your payments simple and secure.

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