New Era of Budgeting - Can Managing Money Be This Easy?

Do you ever wonder where all your money went by the end of the month? Do you find yourself broke more often? Do you find it difficult to keep a track of your spending while having a stable monthly income? All these questions have one simple solution - Budgeting. You might think it is some tiresome boring strict planner that keeps you on your toes whenever you try to buy something. But you got it all wrong!

So What Exactly is Budgeting?  

Budgeting is like a planning of all your expenses and total income. You can allocate money through budgeting for important funds in different categories that can help you prioritise your spending. The habit of budgeting can save you so much money and prepare you for a bright future! So budgeting isn’t about living in fear or feeling guilty while purchasing new things, it’s about feeling confident about them!

“Humare Zamane Mai Aise Karte the Budgeting…”  

Do you remember your parents using pen and paper while budgeting? They would list out all the purchases that they would have made by the end of the month and then calculate. Thanks to them, we could live an easy life as they were able to manage their finances. Although picturing ourselves using the same method for budgeting as they did is so tiring. It makes us feel bored because it is so old school. But then again budgeting has always been an essential part for everyone throughout the years. As time passes, it is just the method of budgeting that changes, yet the crux remains the same. You may use pen and paper or your mobile handset but still do the same thing i.e. managing money.   So, why not take the modern approach?


Did You Know…?🤔

Did you know there are 80% of people in India are unaware of the concept of budgeting? If you came this far, it means you are doing great! You will soon learn how to budget. And if you are someone who is already budgeting, congrats! Nothing can stop you now! 

Some people know very little about budgeting. For instance, students in colleges are mostly funded by their families. They are given a limited amount of money every month in which they have to manage everything - from their living expenses to travelling and food. That is a very vague way to control and save money although they roughly manage to stay under the given budget.


How People Budget Today 

So instead of using a pen and paper, we incline to digital platforms. People these days use Excel sheets and try various expense management apps like Walnut, GoDutch, Expensify, etc. These are quite efficient ways to budget and analyse your expenditure by the end of the month. You would calculate and compare how much amount you spent with your total income. But there is still one thing missing - and that is control. Sometimes you are unable to control your purchases manually before you buy something. You are unable to prevent impulse buying and you overspend by the end of the month without even realising it! All you can do is see how much you spent and where you spent it. Don’t worry! There is a cute, easy tool just a few clicks away to your rescue!


Your Friendly Neighbourhood Budgeting Tool! 


What if there was an easy way to create a budget, set controls, track your expenses, and save money all at the same time? With the Zerobalance app, it’s all possible! It’s the best budgeting app to create and plan a budget in this digital world. Your friend helps you track your finances and set a monthly limit on your spending. It will stop you from making impulse purchases beforehand! 


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