The Only Guide You Need To Travel on a Budget

Hola, guys! Are you planning a trip with your buddies? Going to exotic places can be a lot of fun to relax and unwind from a hectic week. But it can also be expensive if you’re running on a tight budget. Wait, does that make it difficult for you to go on a trip? Nope, not at all! There is a way you can easily manage to sneak in that trip of yours even with a tight budget.

Holiday on a budget: 21 great travel tips - World Travel Guide

Here’s a fantastic guide for you to make your travels easy under a budget:

  1. Plan a Group Trip 💪

Solo trips are cool and refreshing but can cost you a lot. It is better to plan a trip with a group since it will be cheaper as the costs get divided. Plus, you will make a lot of memories! Sounds fun, isn’t it?

  1. Make an Itinerary 📝

Making an itinerary is a must! It will help you make the most out of your trip. Suppose it’s a 5-day trip with your friends to North India. You can create a list of activities to perform and famous places worth visiting. That way, you can track each day of your trip to help you plan out expenses and modes of travel accordingly. Overall, you will get a basic idea about your budget for your whole trip.

  1. Personal CA, At Your Service! 😎

Haha, yes, you heard it right! Create a pool of money and assign it to a member of your group. That person will note and manage all the expenses throughout the trip. As the trip ends, everyone will pay their equal share of the total costs. It will benefit everyone to stay under a given budget. 

Consider this guy as your private accountant :p

  1. Advanced Booking - A Super Convenient Option 😌

Compare the modes of commute and book in advance. One can also opt for public transport since it’s cheaper than other travel modes and agencies. The next step is to book accommodation. Staying in hostels/dorms is affordable and fun as well!

  1. Going Off-beat is the New Trend 😉

Yep, off-season planning to an off-beat location is an awesome combo! Your trip can be much cheaper in many ways you can’t even imagine! You can stay under your budget effortlessly. From travels to stay-ins - everything will be at a minimum range. On top of that, you will be away from the typical crowd you witness at the usual holiday points. You can enjoy yourself freely with your people without any worries! 

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