What’s Your Money Personality?

Have you ever thought about why your spending habit is the way it is? People around you will also have a variety of spending habits - from saving money and budgeting to spending it. 

So, there are different types of people when it comes to spending money. Some save too much, some are calculative, and some overspend without giving it too much thought. Hence, the type of your money personality depends on your spending habits.

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Wanna find out your money personality type?

** [Note: You might relate to more than one personality type. That’s because people’s attitudes differ regarding managing finances.]**

  1. Swanky Spenders

You are someone who likes to go big or go home. Buying the latest models of iPhones or any modern gadget, buying expensive outfits, means a huge deal to you. You often take risks while investing and have less or no fear of debts. You like to stand out from the crowd, which makes you overspend.

Give it a break, guys. This habit will affect you in the long run!

  1. Sloppy Shoppers

You are a shopaholic. You get utterly satisfied after shopping even though you overspent. Sales and bargaining make you feel you saved money. But you have a lot of unpaid bills and debts that often drive you anxious. Consequently, you borrow unplanned loans leading you far down into the rabbit-hole.

Next time you go shopping, ask yourself if it’s worth splurging money on it.

  1. Stingy Savers

You are the total opposite of Swanky Spenders. You are not much concerned about the latest trends and like to have a simple lifestyle. You feel a glow of satisfaction when the bank account statement is likely in favour of your calculated amounts. You are someone who tends to save electricity, preserve food, keep your environment clean, etc. You may come out as a miser to others. 

You are doing a great job, buddy! Try to encourage yourself a little more. It won’t hurt to go on a holiday trip every once in a while!

  1. Delusional Debtors

As the name suggests, Delusional Debtors are those who have many debts on their plate. They are the ones who fail to keep track of their expenses. As a result, they spend more than their income. They are so deeply in debt that they don’t even invest. If you can relate to this, you’re a Delusional Debtor.

Get a hold of yourself, folks! You must start budgeting right away!

  1. Intensive Investors

Are you someone who constantly double-checks your budget? When was the last time you didn’t think about money? If you are someone who plays it safe by making small and passive investments, you are an Intensive Investor. Thanks to that habit, it might benefit you enough funds to fulfill your bills one day. It suggests you are aware of your current financial standing. You know where to put money and where not. You are cautious while making decisions. 

You know, you can take a little risk and push yourself a bit further. Who knows? The results may turn out in your favour!

Now that you know where you stand, why not give it a shot to improve your habits? 

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